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We make TV relevant (again)!

A second screen is the perfect solution to engage and involve your TV audience. We know what works on your viewer's Tablet, Mobile and PC while watching TV. We can make a webapp for you or you can use our unique Two Screen Now! tool to make your own second screen.

Recent projects


Our client, EO, takes second screens serious. Results from the second screen had a prominent place in the television format. The viewer could join the...

Nacht van de Popmuziek 2013

A night filled with concerts, unique music-archive material and funny anecdotes. These were the ingredients of the 8th edition of ‘Night of Pop...


With our second screen you decide what the program will look like. The basis of videos for the program is selected by the editors, but during the broadcast,...

Two Screen Now!

Create and design your own interactive quizes on an extremely powerful and flexible platform.

Two Screen Now! is our Swiss Army knife for second screens. With our Design, Timeline and Quizmaster modules, you are at the helm. Connect your web app to our powerful real-time platform to reach and interact with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Two Screen Now

We can help you with...



We have been working with media companies for over 20 years and have been in the second screen business for three years. We have created second screens for all kinds of television programs and audiences. We do know what works while watching tv and can't wait to work out an effective strategy for your project!

Technical realisation

Technical realisation

We work with the latest technlogies, we won't bore you with any details here, in both front and back-end. Our code is compatible with all popular browsers. We've created a scalable Real-Time Platform that connects with more than 500,000 different devices within a fraction of a second.



Our Real-Time Platform runs in The Cloud and we've made some nice tools to ensure a high availability. Up and down-scaling the platform, to accomodate your needs, is done within a few minutes. Detailed information about the connected devices is available in real-time, all the time.

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